Praansangeet ( BioMisic )

Praansangeet ( BioMisic )
Acharya Sanjay is the progenitor of the philosophy of ‘SONUSISM’. Followers of Acharya call themselves as ‘The Sonusists’. Here are the words & thoughts from a few Sonusists. For more details, you may search the YouTube Channel “THE SONUSISTS”
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Lecture-Demonstration on Sonusism (At the root of Praansangeet), the Science of Better Living
27th and 28th April 2024
Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandira, Belur Math, Howrah 711202
By a Senior Scholar, Ms. Ankita Paul, Praansangeet Academy.
17th December 2023
VYASA, Kolkata, 69K, Prince Bakhtiar Shah Rd, P.O, Tollygunge, Kolkata 700033
23rd and 24th February 2023
Serampore College, 8, William Carey Sarani, Maniktala, Serampore, W.B. 712201
23rd and 24th February 2023
Serampore College, 8, William Carey Sarani, Maniktala, Serampore, W.B. 712201
29th April 2019
Sree Sree Satyananda Mahapeeth
1, Ibrahimpur Road, Jadavpur, Kol-700032
29th January 2018
Rabindra Bharati University
56A, B.T. Road, Kolkata – 700050.
11t May 2017
The Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, Gariahat Rd, Golpark, South End Park, Kolkata 700029
28th December 2012
SIDDHA - Calcutta International Classical Guitar Festival & Competition 'Denis Azabagic'
28th December 2012
SIDDHA - Calcutta International Classical Guitar Festival & Competition 'Denis Azabagic'
Governmental Project

In a nut shell the project MMCP (Music Manure for Crop Pure) was a scientific research project procured by Government of West Bengal, India. This project had a target of having best vegetables in respect of their size and quality (to start with Brinjal and Tomato in particular) without any application of chemical manures (nitrates and/or phosphates etc.), Bio-Manures (Cow-Dung or composed manures, identified bacterias or microbes etc.) or even pesticides. Sign waves of sound/music invented by the team where Acharya Sanjay worked as the principal investigator worked successfully for the mentioned purpose. The success in this research influenced a lot in the field of agriculture along with human health development.

An initiative with R.M.I.C, Kolkata and I.I.T Kharagpur


Sonusism / The light of Praansangeet ( BioMisic )

Phonem, sound, timber, note, tune composition, word, sentence, acoustics, vibration, literature, music are all matters, which can either be heard or can be used, to think. There is not a single word though, in English, Bangla or Sanskrit, which can describe all of these. That is the reason, I have taken the liberty to borrow the word ‘sonus’ which is a Latin word and have added it to the Bangla word store. By using sonus within different stages of Biomusic, through theory and practice and by making multiple reforms and revisions to finally realize the true potential of human life and human civilization in the most modern method is the endeavor called Sonusism.

Will sonusism then be able to give you back music which is hidden in your heart, provide peace of the mind and comfort of life and will it be able to finally provide much needed relief and comfort to all homes?

Lifelong love with absolute peace is the most comfortable state that one can be and nothing can be more easy and natural than this state of mind.

What are we referring to, when we talk of music hidden in your heart? Any pattern of music – from quartet to symphony, sonata to orchestra, choir to concerto, dhrupad to folk song, poetic song to thumri to vilambit gat or a dhun in quick tempo – if any of these can be considered to be the body or structure of music, then whatever percentage of this touches the heart of the listener can be referred to as the element of life present in music. The main ingredients of BioMusic are the melody of heart and rhythm. Whatever may be the personification – be it in the form of lecture – demonstration, speech psychology, physical science, philosophy or music – the key message of Biomusic originates from deep inside. The balance that our body strives to strike with our life and the key to this classical coordination and adjustment is mainly the unspoken or hardly spoken element called ‘sonus’. If we are able to practice sonusism under the aegis of BioMusic, then we will soon be able to implement the same symmetry and coordination in our life and strive to be able to then lead a life, which is healthy, well balanced and happy.

The key lies in changing our thought process. Thought process means ‘Modhyoma’ sounds and sentences. A person whose thinking process is well balanced and well coordinated will be able to display the same balance and coordination in his actions. We normally use ‘Boikhori’ sounds to express our feelings. The gestures used in expression of these feelings is a metamorphosis of the ‘pashyanti’ sounds. It is the same dalliance, which is at play both inside and outside the human body. If one undergoes proper training and guidance of BioMusic, in very short time it could be possible for a person to be able to transform his skills from an ordinary state to a superior state. Sonusism is the art and science to maintain a perfect and permanent balance between the best portions of general music and BioMusic. Any music is based on sound. Thus, symmetry and coordination of any subject and then using it to marry with the inherent sense of symmetry and coordination, which exist in human beings, is nothing but Sonusism. It is not very difficult to master the steps of Sonusism under the guiding lights of BioMusic.

Someone who wants to leverage Sonusism – either its theoretical or practical aspects, with the only objective of becoming a professionally successful musician, will only be able to get marginal advantage of Sonusism.

For becoming a successful musician, one needs to be born with a certain mental capability. This mental capability is also known otherwise as musical Talent. If someone is truly blessed with talent and pursues the teaching of BioMusic as against general music, the person is bound to reach a stage of a successful professional singer much more easily and quickly. After reaching this stage, the person could then very quickly move to be able to realize the true potential of his life. The primary objective of Sonusism is certainly not restricted to the aspect of preparing a professional musician.

 On the contrary, the primary objective of sonusism is to be able to lead a human being to a life, which is full of symmetry, coordination and a sense of fulfilment.

Anyone who believes in Sonusism, anyone who trusts Sonusism and anyone who has been trained in Sonusism and can use the teachings and techniques and theory of Sonusism to control other teachings in his/her life, meaning thereby that anyone whose base lies in the practice and philosophy of Sonunism – is a Sonusist.

It is not at all important for a Sonusist to practice music – either vocal or instrumental – as per a set guideline in the mornings and evenings. It is just the reverse in reality. Practicing vocal or instrumental music using the right mix of Boikhori and BioMusic enriched Modhyoma based practice is a far more effective method of allowing a musician to quickly reach greater heights, than by just practicing Boikhori based Music.

Biomusic is for all; irrespective of whether someone has talented in basic music. Most people generally are born with some talent, some skill, or a higher degree of mental strength. Society does not progress because these talents, skills, and mental faculties do not get the right education or the guidance. Even if these talents get education and guidance, there is no symmetry between the two. People start taking themselves lightly. A few opportunists, who are otherwise quite talented, use this opportunity to undermine others and feel very proud of themselves. This results in substantial personal loss for these talented individuals and a large number of people starts suffering from an inferiority complex. In a nutshell, all these are causes for permanent damage to human civilization, in the end.

Biomusic is at the core of Sonusism. In the heart of BioMusic lies the technique of trying to find out the bridges of musical balance, which lie inside our soul, through the practice of Modhyoma. Either the bridges have to be repaired or they have to be re-constructed, if they are in a broken state or if half of the bridge is not to be found. These bridges are used for the Modhyoma to use meditation and move between the conscious and the unconscious.

One can practice Biomusic through whichever form of music one is most comfortable with, through which a balance between Boikhori and Modhyoma can be achieved using a strong bridge. Meditation can help to visualize forms of words. These words can be words of literature, or can be words of music or physics, chemistry, mathematics, history, commerce, economics or they can be words representing any topic or subject. In this way, trying to know oneself even more and understand what are the strengths and limitations, so that in our journey of life we try not to commit a serious mistake due to ignorance or delay because of doubts in our mind.

The ultimate aim and objective of a Sonusist is to practice ‘Pawra’ sound elements, albeit at a small scale. With ‘Pawra’ sound elements, one may be able to automatically bring about wonders one after the other which can put the most successful surgeon or the most widely accepted social scientist or millions of prayers to shame.

Talking about civilization, one has to admit that most of our conscious state of mind has been substantially wounded by the evil designs of desire, which is now trying to attack our unconscious state also. The silver lining is that there is still a bit of time left for us to save. Hence using different sound techniques within the subconscious mind and trying to channelize our mind in a direction which will walk in the reverse direction of desires, and in the direction of consciousness where the human mind will have complete control on its senses so that the human being derives peace, relief and is able to realize his or her own true potential and also be able to guide others to walk the same path – are the responsibilities and regular activities of a Sonusist.

If a Sonusist is able to make his life beautiful and pious, then all such people who are in the immediate sphere of influence of a Sonusist and who may not have heard about Sonusism, would also be able to derive benefits, be able to douse the fire of evil desires and will be able to lead a comparatively happy and peaceful life. Thus, there would be both direct and indirect benefit.

Our learnings, education, thoughts, feelings – all of these are word dependent. They say whatever you practice is your religion. The same is seldom followed, in reality. Whoever is born with whatever religion continue to stay with the thoughts and ideologies that religion professes, for the rest of their lives. Each religion has its pros and cons. Every religion has certain regulations and it is these regulations, which makes a person of one religion fight against another.

On the contrary, if human gets rid of the regulations and instead concentrates on the basis of every religion – which is melody and words – and if people just leave aside everything and stick to the religion of music, one would see that there is complete balance pre-existent across all religions. There is absolutely no need to erect massive sound systems and then spread the word of religious harmony, at the top of your voice. The in-built sound system of a religion is good enough, no need for the technical sound system based hypocrisy. Upanishad, Geeta, Quran, Bible, Tripitaka and all the great religious books of all religions are nothing but a combination of different psychological words and different ritual based words focused on symmetry and coordination.

 There are a few, though, who consider religion to be a fairytale. They do not find foundations of reality within any religious books. Fairytale is the closest to music. Thus, someone who does not believe in any form of religion, actually knowingly or un-knowingly believes in music and there is absolutely no doubt about it.

The awakening and incitement of certain miraculous thinking ability and rendering ability is quite natural for a Sonusist who practices ‘Pashyanti’ or ‘Pawra’ sounds. ‘Pashyanti’ sound or the mystery which lies behind the culture, cultivation and practice of music is very deep. Unless someone has perfected Modhyoma or Boikhori, it is not that impactful.

The area and expertise of a senior Biomusic practitioner revolves around understanding which incantation based music has what amount of ‘Modhyoma’ or ‘Boikhori’ and how much of ‘Pashyanti’ is hidden in that form of music, or for that matter, does that incantation have any element of ‘Pawra’ sound element. This can be practiced by any one – a person belonging to any religion, sitting anywhere on this planet, believer of any political ideology and irrespective of his financial status, male or female notwithstanding.

If BioMusic is applied and added to our formal education system, then sooner or later people would realize that rather than stocking millions of books across thousands of almirahs, it is much better to pick up one master book and go through the meaning and the true sense of each and every word that is written in that book.

Numbers alone cannot justify quality else, millions of chaff would have been more valuable than a gram of gold. Hence, instead of multiple books, one or two books with the right guidance is many times more valuable. While millions of books across multiple almirahs may be fine, but trying to do the same with our brains and stock it up with all forms of information – useful and useless can be devastating from the perspective of developing a civilization.

Irrespective of whatever subject one may want to study and develop an expertise on, if the person realizes that at the core lies BioMusic, the person would be able to appreciate and love his/her favourite subject and be able to pursue it more easily with an unparalleled element of super consciousness.

The night’s about to end. Pollution of inanimate world, pollution of waves, pollution of energy and pollution of human minds have all come together to create a horrific epidemic known as psychological problem of the human mind. This unholy alliance has started showing signs of a crack and thus a faint ray of hope is just about visible. These are signs of a new dawn. The sun will soon rise removing darkness all around us. The rays of BioMusic will soon start spreading across the universe of humans touching the lavish castle all the way to a humble hutment. All the closed doors will soon hear a sound, created by the knock of ‘sonus’ and then finally the door will open up. The Sonusists and the common person would soon see the light of the universe in front of them. In this light of the universe, the dangerous worms and reptiles of the past, which have lived in stale, dark dungeons so far, generation after generation will not anymore be able to nourish themselves because they will have the freshness of the human mind to feed on, which they do not like. In this spirit of fresh awakening, the winds of change will slowly infuse life into the later generations promising a new beginning. The satanic black magic of the past century will slowly die down for lack of nourishment. The fresh winds of BioMusic will force people out of their confinements. Thus, millions of Sonusists and common people will experience the path of freedom. This path is inverse to the direction of the final road to non-existence.

This path leads to immortality. The path is beautiful, smell of the flowers nectarous, the sky over us heavenly. There are rivers of nectar along the path. All these rivers of nectar finally meet each other in the estuary of the sea of nectars. The sea of nectars leads to unending bliss. This place is far bigger than the globe depicting the earth or any form of globalization that one may talk about. This is the world of immortal nectarous super consciousness – the cosmos.

Sonusism / The light of Bio-Music